165° HD Super wide angle of view makes everything under control.<br /> HD lens provides the 360 °view of wide-angle and wide-range to monitor and record the indoor and surroundings without dead corners,

Clever Dog

– ICR infrared filter auto-switch system
– the realtime day & night monitoring
– High degree of reduction and high fidelity of images with 24 hours monitoring

– Support local storage with Micro SD card
– The capacity up to 128G, to record every wonderful moment of your life

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Echo Three to Echo Seven. Han, old buddy, do you read me? Loud and clear, kid. What’s up? Well, I finished my circle. I don’t pick up any life readings. There isn’t enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser. The sensors are placed. I’m going back. Right. I’ll see you shortly.

Welcome, step inside and take a seat … actually before you sit down, let me show you around. This is our new Envato headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. Situated in Melbourne’s central business district, on King St, home to a weird mix of big corporate buildings, delicious Japanese food and *ahem* gentlemen’s clubs!

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